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Archive for February, 2010

domestic blitz curtains

Domestications Curtains using bath bedding or bed skirts

Domestications Curtains can often be confused with your traditional bath bedding or even your domestic blitz curtains, they can either be a ready made product or alternatively bed skirts that are rod pocket and contain several different patterns. They can generally be tab top curtain and are always very suitable for machine wash and are […]

custom valance styles

Custom Curtains using Custom Fabric to form a modern design

Custom Curtans usually are curtains that have been made to your exact window measurements, many times when measuring windows, it requires several types of different styles and shapes , this is only achievable by using made to measure items. Custom curtains blinds are usally of a higher quality material and workmanship in comparison to a […]

silk taffeta drapes

Draperies 46 curtains using silk taffeta drapes

Draperies 46 curtains are generally classified as a ready made product, I usually see these being made from silk taffeta drapes or alternatively dupioni silk , they combine many different finishes and styles and are often either full blockout or a partial blackout curtain. They can be manufactured in either a pinch pleated finish or […]

draperies windows curtains

Drapery Curtains using affordable patterned curtains

Drapery Curtains will  often combine the look of a window covering into a very decorative room, using special types of draperies window coverings you will be able to create a totally fresh and unique look in this room. There are so many choices of curtain fabrics available that will compliment any style or home. Curtains […]