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Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains when used correctly can dramatically reduce the amount of natural resources required to heat and cool your home during winter and summer, they can also be used to increase the overall impact of your homes natural thermal protection. Blackout curtains have always been traditionally used to keep out the sun, but over recent years the benefit of keeping your house warm during winter has become more evident

Material manufacturers have been busy producing many blackout curtains material due to the high demand from consumers, many materials now come in either a translucent finish or a full blackout curtains fabric. Leading wholesalers have seen the many benefits of providing a large range of many colour and textures to enhance your home or new windows.

Blackout curtains with 100% lining

Blackout curtains with 100% lining

One of the first aspects that i take into consideration when decorating a clients windows to ascertain the amount of light that this window allows into the area, a trick with decorating is to maximise light whilst maintaining a heat effective material. This is also paramount if a window is positioned in a dark room that requires maximum heat retention. Blackout curtains definately provide both of these functionalities, as with any decorating keep it simple and keep it clean.

Blackout Curtains are traditionally sewn togeather via the heading on the material, this can be done in many different ways with the most popular being a pinch pleat finish, also a gather pencil pleat finish is another popular way of sewing blackout curtain togeather. A true blackout curtain starts off as a base cloth , this is the front material that faces inside your room, then an additional 100% blockout lining is stitched togeather with this front base cloth.

Taking a blackout curtain to its maximum potential can be achieved by also stitching another material in between the lining and the base cloth, this is called bumph, bumph is primarily used as an additional thermal and sound absorption material. Many colours now form the basis of blackout curtains with prints, colours and textures all being modernised into contemporary designs

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