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Curtain Rings

Curtain rings have been used over many years in all sizes and shapes to attach curtains to existing or new decorative rods or tracks.With todays wide variety of curtain rings it is very possible to create a unique and interesting look on any window throughout your home. By using these items you can make a curtain or drape a very functional piece of window covering on any track that you may have.

When consulting in a clients home , I will always try and introduce some curtain rings of some sort or description that will an interesting talking piece to the top section of the drape or curtain.  Whether you are designing your own window covering or just trying to re-vamp an existing curtain this is definately an easy an relatively inexpensive way of adding interest to window drape.

Curtain Rings - many colours

Curtain Rings - many colours

Many pole sets and decorator rods either use wooden curtain rings or acrylic, most of the acrylic come in various colours including , antiques brass, black, ironstone, wrought iron, smoothline brass rods, white and silver. Wooden rings can be painted or stained to any colour that you like. One word of advice when painting or staining, put all of them through a piece of string and tie it up between 2 posts or fencelines. Separate the curtain rings with pegs and you will find this is an easy procedure to paint all of them with the minimum of mess.

Many of the new curtains tracks and rods have curtain rings that have been specifically designed for this design, so when trying to replace them at any given time you may find it difficult if you are matching to an older curtain track or rod. As with all decorating you really should take the approach that simplicity is often the best approach to your new look that you are requiring on your window

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