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How to make shower curtains How to hang shower curtains

How to make shower curtains and how to hang shower curtains has always conjured up scary ideas for everyone in regards to how can I make and hang these types of curtains , follow my easy tutorial and I will teach you step by step how to have your new  shower curtains installed in only a matter of time. Keeping in mind that the bathroom area generally is an area that is tight on room and allows doesnt always allow for large ladders or steps.

Now firstly you need to purchase the following items , measure the area where you would like your new curtains to be hung , go to your local plumbing supply store and purchase a 1″ diameter silver rod with wardrobe brackets. you can have the plumbing supply store  cut it to size or alternatively you can adjust the length of the rod at home with a simple hacksaw.

Now go to your local fabric store and either purchase some shower curtain material by the metre or you can just purchase 100% Nylon sheer material and adjust it to the size required, you will also need to purchase some rings , these will be attached to the top of the curtain which will allow the shower curtain to slide from side to side, generally if you can find plastic rings that are strong  these are preferable to metal rings.

Learning how to hang shower curtains and how to make shower curtains generally takes around 1hour to install, install the end brackets of the rod into the wall or if fitting from the ceiling install brackets top fix in sheeting. Now attach the rings to the shower curtain and slide the curtain onto the rod before fixing off both ends. Hey presto you now have a fully working shower curtain. Remember that if your curtain is made from the nylon material that it can be washed regularly in Eucalyptus oil to reduce any mildew building up on your shower curtain

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