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How to prevent your children from being strangled

With the current tragic stories of children being strangled in their home by existing roller blind chains or curtain cords, follow these simple steps to ensure that your home is safer for your children. The following details will allow your home to be a much more safer environment for your loved ones

Plastic Roller blind chainPlastic Roller blind chain

1. If you have any roller blind chains, firstly swap them over to metal chains, the metal chains are actually weaker than the plastic chains. The reason that the metal chains are weaker is because they are individual links, the plastic or poly chain generally is a continuous chain with no joins. If enough force is applied to the metal chains they will snap, this is not the case with the plastic chains

2. Once you have done this make sure that you are using a cord tensioner or cord lock system, this is generally installed onto the architrave of the window which prevents the cord from becoming loose around any obstacles.

3. Another safe mode is to shorten all your roller blind and blind chains to 1500mm or 5” from the ground, this is an acceptable standard around the world which prevents young children from being entangle within the looping area of the chain.

4. The above procedures should be used for all blinds including venetians and verticals.

5. For curtain tracks you should either install a cord tensionser or alternatively the cord can be shortened up to 1500mm, again this standard height is acceptable.

With the advent of cheaper alternatives for motorization of window coverings , over the next decade we will see the cord and chain system become obsolete, this will eventually lead to a much safer environment for our children.

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