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How to install curtain Rods

How to install curtain rods

Installing curtain rods on your new or existing windows is not as scary as it sounds, we have all been put into this position at some point in time , where our partner has been out shopping at the ultimate sale where everything is half price or reduced to clear , or so cheap that […]

How to hang curtains  in 10 easy steps

How to hang curtains in 10 easy steps

You will often hear a decorator or interior consultant comment on how well a curtain has been dressed, the is referring to the appearance of the drape or curtain and basically gets back to the original installation. If you are installing your own curtains follow these easy how to hang curtains tutorial. There is nothing […]

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Curtain Rings

Curtain Rings

Curtain rings have been used over many years in all sizes and shapes to attach curtains to existing or new decorative rods or tracks.With todays wide variety of curtain rings it is very possible to create a unique and interesting look on any window throughout your home. By using these items you can make a […]