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108 Inch curtains – how to create your own 108 inch curtain panels

108 inch curtains do not necessarily need to cause you too much concern when looking at installing them on your new or existing windows, although this length of curtain is much longer than your standard height, it is quite possible to purchase  rod pocket ready made sheer curtains this length or alternatively , silk dupioni is often used to compliment these styles of windows. 108 inch drapes will need to be custom made as most curtains are 84inch in height.

108 inches curtains

It is not possible to purchase 108 inch fabric or even 108 inch curtain drops, one way  of having your windows covered is to find a material that is 120inches in height and then alter this back to the correct drop that you need. Many home sewers can achieve this with the rod pocket at the top.

Traditionally many of these window treatments were used as curtain panels which were 108 inches curtains, normally if you have an interior decorator come to your home they will recommend that they treat the window as a feature window , this is to again take advantage of the height and possible create a spectacular curtain design for the lounge or dining area.

Because this window is so high you have to consider using special fitting rods or curtain tracks, as you would appreciate once both sets of curtains and sheers have been hung you will have a lot of weight on your curtain track or rod. Always ensure that this is installed by a qualified installer or alternatively check to see if it has been fitted into timber studs.

108 inch curtain panels are rarely used these days because most manufacturers have decided not to produce them as a ready made item but alternatively are now providing sheer material that is 120inches long, this allows many decorators to then incorporate the sheer rod pocket  with silk dupioni which falls beautifully as a specialised window treatment.

Always consider the texture and type of fabric that you will use for your new curtain , this plays a very important role when  completing your new 108 inch curtains.

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