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Archive for January, 2009

Extra Long Shower Curtains – where to buy

One of the most frustrating items that you can look for when updating your window furnishings can be extra long shower curtains, whilst their are many standard shower curtains available . many manufacturers seem to shy away from making extra long shower curtains. This can generally be related to the fact that many providers of shower curtains generally design their whole range around using standard drops.

Extra long shower curtains - shower curtain

Extra long shower curtains - shower curtain

Eco Friendly Curtains

Eco friendly curtains present one of the most challenging aspect of decorating your home today, it is not as simple as it seems. We would all like to have the ability of installing new window coverings using eco friendly curtains but the choice of fabrics available is still very limited in choice.

I have noticed over the last 12 months that material manufacturers are now taking a very positive approach to utilising these green materials and over the next few years im sure that they will become a major portion of the market.

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains

Door Curtains

One of the most challenging aspects of decorating your home can sometimes be the simplest of windows or areas to be covered, the door curtains area is always an area that must be viewed to creating a look on this window but the over-riding factor should be that you have created a functional curtain. Their is nothing worse than a curtain consultant advising you to put a product on your door curtains and then realising that it is so impractical and unworkable that it has been a complete waste of time and money

Door Curtains - Blackout Material

Door Curtains - Blackout Material

Discount Curtains

Many online stores now offer a wide variety of discount curtains, traditionally these discount curtains would have been made from inferior or discontinued curtain material, this has greatly changed over the past few years with manufacturers now realising the discount curtain market is a genuine growing market for buyers and shoppers on line and at retail outlets.

Discount curtains come in many different styles and formats, they may be pinch pleated or gathered heading , some will be full blackout others will be 1 pass translucent backed. Plain or textured fabrics are also becoming a traditional material that is used when buying discount curtains. As with any purchase of curtains the most important part is making sure that they are going to fit your window

Discount Curtains

Discount Curtains

Designer Shower Curtains

Are you looking for a quick 10 minute makeover for your bathroom with  designer shower curtains, one of the easiest and quickest ways of achieving this is using the wide variety of designer shower curtains that are now available. These will offer a new and fresh look to your bathroom with the minimum of major installation required.

Many designer houses including Eddie Bauer offers a nice selection of shower curtains, including a denim curtain. They also offer towels and robes in coordinating colors. Although it is possible to re-decorate your bathroom quickly one should always first determine what style or theme they would like to go with.

Lace designer shower curtains

Lace designer shower curtains

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can make or break your finished decoration in your home, with the vast array and different designs now available we have an endless shape and style that we can introduced on our window covering with new curtains rods. Traditionally a curtain track was very bland and plain, now it is a feature of any new soft furnishing that we introduce into areas.

When we are decorating we are mainly looking at the overall shape that will be completed when our new curtains or drapes are installed, many new curtain rods are made from  bright brass, wrought iron, timber, stainless steel, acrylic and even some of the latest trends are made from pure copper base metallics. A new curtain rods will compliment new fabrics and materials and will totally enhance the new look of your room


How to make a pinch pleat curtain in 10 easy steps

How to make a pinch pleated curtain in 10 easy steps

One of the most difficult curtains or drape to attempt to make is obviously the pinch pleated curtain, most customers will send their curtains to a professional curtain workroom who will basically return the curtain fully finished ready to hang. Follow these steps to making a successful drape

1. Basically this is how we work out how much material we are going to require, the first thing we must do is measure the width of the window and multiple it by 2, this is the amount of fullness we will be using. Ie if your window measures 200cm we will use the measurement of 400cm, we then divide this measurement by the width of the material we are using

2. So basically what we will end up with is 400cm divided by 120cm being the width of the material this equals 3./…. We now know we will need 4 widths of material. We then measure the height of the window and multiply x 4 widths, ie if your window is 200cm width x 200cm height , use the following formula 4widths x 230cm = 920cm or 9.20metres. Whatever the finished height of your window is add 30cm to this measurement to allow for hems.

3. So now we cut 4 lengths at 230cm each, the next step is to stich 2 panels together along the salvage or edge of the material, we then repeat this step with the other 2 panels remaining, so we now have 2 curtains with 2 widths of material stiched together. , This is commonly referred to 2 x 2 widths.

4. Now proceed to side hem each curtain with a double 5cm hem, ie turn the side in 5cm and then another 5cm and sew to form a side seam, now working out the pleating size is the most critical part of any curtain. We know that our window is 200cm wide, we need to add on 40cm to this overall measurement to allow for returns and full crossover in the middle of the window.

5. What we want to end up with now is 2 curtains that will each have an overall heading size of 220cm, now basically remember that to form each pleat you will need approximately 10cm of the width of the material, so starting from left hand of the curtain make a mark 12cm in blue chalk, then make a mark 10cm in red from that mark and so one across the full width of the curtain.

6. Always remember the red mark is where the pleats starts forming and the blue mark indicates the spacing between each pleat. Now working from the left hand side go to your red mark and pull the curtain in to form a triple pleat this should finish at the blue mark. Tack the top of pleat to keep it in shape and then proceed along the width of the curtain and finish off. Repeat for the other 2 width curtain

7. A little trick with this is to always have a 12” or 30cm ruler beside you at all times so that if you need to make any adjustments in between the pleat then you can do this on a gradual basis rather than trying to make it all up at the end.

8. You should now to have 2 curtains each measuring 120cm in width, you now need to tack the bottom of the pleat with forms how the curtain will fall.

9. Now the very last and very important aspect of this is to hem the curtain to the correct height with double 10cm hem at the bottom

10. Well Done your finished

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains when used correctly can dramatically reduce the amount of natural resources required to heat and cool your home during winter and summer, they can also be used to increase the overall impact of your homes natural thermal protection. Blackout curtains have always been traditionally used to keep out the sun, but over recent years the benefit of keeping your house warm during winter has become more evident

Material manufacturers have been busy producing many blackout curtains material due to the high demand from consumers, many materials now come in either a translucent finish or a full blackout curtains fabric. Leading wholesalers have seen the many benefits of providing a large range of many colour and textures to enhance your home or new windows.

Cheap Curtains

Cheap Curtains doesnt necessarily mean horrible looking curtains, many decorators these days have the unique ability of using cheap curtains to create a look on a window that adds value and interest to a certain area without spending 100’s or 1000’s of dollars to achieve this. By utilising these techniques I can show you how to take a piece of material that initially you would look at and say that this is totally inappropriate for the area you are trying to decorate

Many material manufacturers now have the capability of producing materials that look and feel great at a greatly reduced price that has never been available due to high yarn costs and dye overheads. With the advent of globalisation , several countries can now provide fantastic cheap curtains materials at a greatly reduced cost.

Christmas shower curtain

Christmas shower curtain create that wonderful feeling during the festive seasons, Christmas shower curtain can be used as a noveltygift or as an item that you just install into your shower or bathroom during Christmas. When purchasing one of the curtains just ensure that you are receiving an item that is suitable to be put into a wet area, the curtain should be made from either 100% nylon or 100% polyster.