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Archive for March, 2009

Did you know that velvet curtains are making a comeback

Velvet curtains definately are the ultimate in any window covering, these versatile materials offer maximum protection from the sun and also allow for a uniqueness on your window. Velvet curtains have been mainly  been used in the past in Dining room or lounge areas. We are now seeing them predominately being used in home theatre rooms. The texture and style of the material will give maximum sound reverberation and also sound absorption.

Velvet curtains Velvet curtains

How to stitch curtains

When learning how to stich curtains follow our – how to make pinch pleat curtains in 10 easy steps, or alternatively follow our “how to make curtains includes secret fabric formula”. These guides will allow you to make your new curtains in a fast timely manner.

Stiching curtains or sewing curtains can sometimes present a challenge for most people, using our secret fabric formula you can easily sew or stich a curtain quite easily. Many fabrics that are available now include the backing already adhered to the material. This allows for easy sewing and cutting and ensures that you make a curtain that is simply stunning.

There are basically 2 types of curtains that are made, one is a pinch pleated curtain or a gather curtain, the gathered curtain is by far easier to produce if you are a home sewer than a pinch pleat curtain. Follow our simple steps on the following guide “how to make a pinch pleat curtain in 10 easy steps” which will allow you to have beautiful curtains hanging at a fraction of the cost of normal custom made drapes.

Choosing your fabrics are also a simple method of finish, many fabrics are either plain or self textured, I personally prefer using soft textured materials when I am decorating a home. They provide a necessary colour and look on your window without complicating the style you require. When you are learning how to stich curtains, remember measure your material twice before cutting, this will avoid any mistakes

How to prevent your children from being strangled

With the current tragic stories of children being strangled in their home by existing roller blind chains or curtain cords, follow these simple steps to ensure that your home is safer for your children. The following details will allow your home to be a much more safer environment for your loved ones

Plastic Roller blind chainPlastic Roller blind chain

1. If you have any roller blind chains, firstly swap them over to metal chains, the metal chains are actually weaker than the plastic chains. The reason that the metal chains are weaker is because they are individual links, the plastic or poly chain generally is a continuous chain with no joins. If enough force is applied to the metal chains they will snap, this is not the case with the plastic chains