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Archive for August, 2009

Curtain Fabrics – Curtain Materials – How are they made – totally organic

Curtain fabrics or curtain material comes in a wide variety of colours , textures , and now many different widths. Traditionally many curtain fabrics have been made from the same fibre or composition and generally were always 120cm wide or 48 inches. Over the last 5 years we have now seen many manufacturers supply materials from 120cm , 137cm , 150cm and now 240cm wide material. This has allowed many curtain retailers to take advantage of this extra width to provide a complete coverage for your windows.


How to combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate window covering

Curtains and blinds

Combining curtains and blinds to create a unique look and feel on any window creates the ultimate compliment to your home. Many consultants will only consider using a single product or similar styles, as you can see by the attached image, a combination of many products can create a soft unique covering for your windows.


How to create your own curtain ideas using window decorating treatments.

Curtain Ideas are often created by an individual out of pure necessity to have a different window treatment look in their home. Fabric window treatments using home decor curtains are a great way of introducing curtain valances or curtain tiebacks on a window.

Follow my simple guide to utilising curtains , roman blinds , bed valance ideas or sheer curtain ideas to create a new and vibrant look on any window. One of the main curtain styles that are used when creating a new look on your window is either a pinch pleated curtain or pencil pleated drape.