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Archive for September, 2009

Curtain and Blinds – New versus Old

Curtains and Drapes are definitely in the midst of a making a strong comeback into the market, a semi renaissance is now appearing more often in homes, where as in the past 5 years we have been dominated by the minimalist look on many homes and display homes. Curtains were always being portrayed as the accessory rather than the main feature as they are now.


People are definitely paying more attention to how they dress their windows with curtains and drapes and also with the wide variety of materials that are available from suppliers it is creating a market that is full of creativity and enthusiasm, both from the customers end and also the retailers or consultants.

Many suppliers have now chosen definite styles of materials that enhance their own collections whilst maintaining the continuity of their current ranges. Many colours for curtains are also now being portrayed in the market as the colours for the next 12 months, we are seeing a resurgence in duck egg blue materials, linen fabrics in mainly neutral tonings and a wide variety of the brown and aqua tonings.

It is also now possible to create a look on a window using contemporary fabrics with a twist of mondernism styles, normally when I am advising clients on what style we should be seeking for their home I always take the opinion that it should be stylish , smart and most importantly functional.

It must also be said that whenever decorating you must create that “timeless option”, in essence the curtains or drapes that we install into our home today must be something that we can live with for several years to come.

How to make curtains for your new home is a creative way of enhancing your living and the overall value of your existing or new home.

Is this an image of the worlds largest curtain

Yes  it is, the worlds largest curtain now hangs in the magnificent Kirkless hotel in Dubai, the concept behind this curtain that adorns this hotel was inspired and design by Sven Mueller, the design itself is the largest KriskaDECOR curtain. The idea from the designer was to incorporate and merge the atmosphere using silver and lime coloured materials. Full detailed specs are here


How to grow green curtains – 2 weeks to full growth

Is it possible to grow your own curtains ? Apparently it is possible, although the concept of doing this process is totally against everything we logically think about , we now have a company that is growing its own curtains to provide a reduction in heat loss during winter and also reducing the amount of radiant heat that comes thru its windows during the summer months.

how to grow your own green curtains

how to grow your own green curtains