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Baby Girl Curtains using soft voile and butterflies

Baby girls curtains can create a dramatic influence on how your room looks , there are so many wonderful designs around in curtain materials that you can easily decorate your room with some interest colour , shape and style. A few years ago a decorator friend of mine decided to create a totally new look for her daughters room, she basically went down to the local curtain shop and purchase some beautiful soft pink organza, she then hand stitched on to the organza some butterflies and then made the curtain in pinch pleat with a blockout lining, they looked so beautiful for a girls bedroom and created on the softest baby girls curtains that I have viewed.

baby curtain rods

It is basically only upto your imagination on what type of product you want into your room, by using soft pastel colours and installing on a white rod or curtain track, you are basically forcing the room to take on a soft feminine look, this will generally also allow your alot more scope in the accesories that you introduce into this area. Remember soft fabric and soft colours.

Many baby girl curtains also are available as a ready made item , this enables  you to purchase at a relatively affordable price but will also allow you to have that soft drapery look into your daughter’s room. If you have window that is not full length to floor , always ensure that the drape is full length, this again will create the illusion that the window is longer and ceilings are higher. It is also now possible to hang your curtains on baby curtains rods that are specifically design for this type of curtain.

Crib bedding will some times determine also what type of material is to be used for baby room curtains, it is amazing when I have been shopping that how many stores will also include baby boy curtains in the girls sections, maybe they are trying to get you to purchase a set baby blue curtains or a set  of each just in case you dont know whether you are having a boy or a girl For the home sewer you can also purchase baby curtain patterns, most of these have really good tutorials on how to make your own curtains at home.

One of the most important details to remember, is that what you decide is going to go on your windows, must be functional and operational, it is no use spending all this time and money if the curtains dont suit the windows. Simple steps to ensure you have beautiful baby girl curtains

Bath Curtains can now be your new modern bathroom window curtains

Bath curtains are one of the most overlooked items we can use to create an impact into this room , by utilising color and with style and texture your new curtain can become a wonderful fresh experience, bathroom window curtains comes in many shapes sizes and material composition. Curtains bath accessories are always items that can be quickly installed or easily hung on existing rods. Most department stores allow to shop bath accessories and normally have a huge range to select from.

Bathroom Window Curtains

Typically these bath curtains are made from either nylon or polyster , this allows for very easy cleaning with either a stain spray or eucalyptus oil diluted down, once washed they can be hung back up onto the curtain rod whilst damp. Vinyl shower curtains can be cleaned and washed the same as the nylon or polyster. Most of the headings on these curtains are either made pencil pleated or rod slot, you can then attach curtain rings to allow it to slide conveniently across the pole or rod.

Fabric shower curtains are also very popular now because of the vast array of designs that are available, remember before purchasing your new bath curtain that you measure the area correctly, normally measure the width first and secondly the height, most of these bathroom window curtains are 7 feet or 84inches in drop. You should always take note of the care label that is attached to the curtain for correct cleaning and storage.

Bathroom shower curtains are not  expensive that you can normally  replace them in order to keep a fresh  look in your bathroom. You  can even consider getting some themed shower curtains for Christmas, Halloween, or any other special event you enjoy. It’s amazing how much different your bathroom will look and always a pleasant surprise for when any of your friends stayover and admire your new bath curtains

Baby Curtains or Pink baby curtains are very affordable

Baby curtains can often present one of the most challenging aspects when decorating your new room or nursery , there are so many different colour and designs that are now available for your baby. Most baby nursery curtains are bright in colour , including brown curtains , blue curtain , and pink baby curtains. Generally it is the colour and design that captures our interest but also keeping in mind that they should be affordable curtains. We can sometimes get carried away with emotion of buying for our child and forget about the cost.

Generally if we are to buy baby curtains we need to ensure that we have measure our window correctly , for example the width measured by the drop or height of the window. With so many different types of window coverings available it is quite easy to have curtains kids and baby kids furniture all co-ordinated from the same material or design.

You can now also purchase 100% organic babys curtains from selected suppliers and although the curtain fabric may look the same as polyster or cotton curtains , it has been manufactured using a eco friendly process. You will then need to decide whether to have your new window treament installed on a timber rod or alternatively on a curtain track. I would normally recommend on a simple hand drawn curtain track , with no cord. The colour can be chosen that best suits your blue curtains or pink baby curtains.

When trying to decide if to buy kids curtains always ensure that they have a complete blockout lining, this will definately help in keeping the warmth in during window and the heat out during summer . Baby nursery curtains are very affordable curtains as the material is generally not that expensive and usually they are from mass produced mills.

Alot of the mills these days are also trying to produce material that is toxin and chemical free, this eliminates any potential allergies for your new child and reduces the amount of material that is required

Use the maximum space available on your window to ensure maximum light during the day and also allows for full fresh air ventilation, your new pink baby curtains should greatly enhance the look of your room and will definately create a new fresh look utilising vibrant baby curtains.

Babies Curtains using babies nursery curtains for your new room

Babies Curtains can definitely create that wonderful new fresh look on your new nursery and childrens room, babies nursery curtains are also an easy way to dress that room for such a special person , this can be done using either tab top curtains or baby kids curtains that are very affordable curtains. There are so many new and clever designs including pink baby curtains , or even designs that create fun kids curtains that brighten up your childrens room.

baby nursery curtains

Most babies curtains are either made from 100% cotton or a polyster mix, generally the polyster is the preferred option as it allows for as much washing as necessary. Babies nursey curtains can also be designed from several  types of blind material. Manufacturers are now  using natural fabrics with organic colours that are very suitable for fun kids curtains.

Always remember when considering new curtains that you take into account how you will install them, traditionally tap top curtains are installed above the frame of the window as these prove to be the most affordable curtains. Design and colour is also a big consideration, most childrens rooms are full of colour and interest and this should definitely be the style that you put up onto you window, a fun kids curtains is a happy room.

These types of window coverings can be either from a translucent material , which is partially blackout or a fully lined curtain that is 100% blockout, they can either be pinch pleated or made from a gathered heading, dependant on your personal taste . Normally pink babies curtains are for girls and blue babies curtains are for boys.

Kids window curtains can also be very simplistic in design but strong in colour, and will offer a unique colour experience for your child. When you start looking to buy babies curtains always look at the manufacturers label to decide if this is the type of material that you require. Baby nursery curtains are a fun filled environment for your new born and offer a completely different look to any window , learn to appreciate your new babies curtains.

108 Inch curtains – how to create your own 108 inch curtain panels

108 inch curtains do not necessarily need to cause you too much concern when looking at installing them on your new or existing windows, although this length of curtain is much longer than your standard height, it is quite possible to purchase  rod pocket ready made sheer curtains this length or alternatively , silk dupioni is often used to compliment these styles of windows. 108 inch drapes will need to be custom made as most curtains are 84inch in height.

108 inches curtains

It is not possible to purchase 108 inch fabric or even 108 inch curtain drops, one way  of having your windows covered is to find a material that is 120inches in height and then alter this back to the correct drop that you need. Many home sewers can achieve this with the rod pocket at the top.

Traditionally many of these window treatments were used as curtain panels which were 108 inches curtains, normally if you have an interior decorator come to your home they will recommend that they treat the window as a feature window , this is to again take advantage of the height and possible create a spectacular curtain design for the lounge or dining area.

Because this window is so high you have to consider using special fitting rods or curtain tracks, as you would appreciate once both sets of curtains and sheers have been hung you will have a lot of weight on your curtain track or rod. Always ensure that this is installed by a qualified installer or alternatively check to see if it has been fitted into timber studs.

108 inch curtain panels are rarely used these days because most manufacturers have decided not to produce them as a ready made item but alternatively are now providing sheer material that is 120inches long, this allows many decorators to then incorporate the sheer rod pocket  with silk dupioni which falls beautifully as a specialised window treatment.

Always consider the texture and type of fabric that you will use for your new curtain , this plays a very important role when  completing your new 108 inch curtains.

Curtain Designs using Modern Curtain Designs

modern curtain designsCurtain designs are generally created by a talented designer or interior decorator , generally they will just start off as an idea and then progress to a drawing or sketching that then evolves into a full window covering. Most new ideas for modern curtain designs are also created out of necessity  and not necessarily the astetics of the window. Throughout my interior decorating career I have personally come across many individual shaped windows that require a totally unique design, this also applies to the shape and type of material that is used on many home interior curtains.

Wooden Curtain Rods or Wood Curtain Rods with finials

Wooden curtain rods or wood curtain rods with finials can create the ultimate decorator finish to a window covering, using either customised rods or drapery hardware rods, these types of finishes will definately make your windows look and feel like a professional curtain installation. Many decorators are using curtain rods with ring or alternatively brass rods with rings. The overall completeness of your window coverings is definately determined by the use of decorator curtain rod.

wood curtain rods with finials

How to make shower curtains How to hang shower curtains

How to make shower curtains and how to hang shower curtains has always conjured up scary ideas for everyone in regards to how can I make and hang these types of curtains , follow my easy tutorial and I will teach you step by step how to have your new  shower curtains installed in only a matter of time. Keeping in mind that the bathroom area generally is an area that is tight on room and allows doesnt always allow for large ladders or steps.

How to install curtain rods

Installing curtain rods on your new or existing windows is not as scary as it sounds, we have all been put into this position at some point in time , where our partner has been out shopping at the ultimate sale where everything is half price or reduced to clear , or so cheap that they possibly couldnt go past that set of curtains as it would be saving us both money in the long term. The only catch with  these beautiful cheap , never to be repeated price  curtains,  is that they need to be installed. This is where your expertise comes in.

How to install curtain Rods

How to make tab top curtains

Making tab top curtains can be a very straight forward process , follow these easy steps and you will have a new set of tab top curtains created in less than 2 hours. Most of these curtains are generally used in areas that are easily accessible to the window, they are always hung on a pole of some description , either wood or stainless steel dependant on your decor. The following formula will easily work out how much material you will need “Secret Fabric Formula”.

How to make tab top Curtains