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Baby Girl Curtains using soft voile and butterflies

Baby girls curtains can create a dramatic influence on how your room looks , there are so many wonderful designs around in curtain materials that you can easily decorate your room with some interest colour , shape and style. A few years ago a decorator friend of mine decided to create a totally new look for her daughters room, she basically went down to the local curtain shop and purchase some beautiful soft pink organza, she then hand stitched on to the organza some butterflies and then made the curtain in pinch pleat with a blockout lining, they looked so beautiful for a girls bedroom and created on the softest baby girls curtains that I have viewed.

baby curtain rods

It is basically only upto your imagination on what type of product you want into your room, by using soft pastel colours and installing on a white rod or curtain track, you are basically forcing the room to take on a soft feminine look, this will generally also allow your alot more scope in the accesories that you introduce into this area. Remember soft fabric and soft colours.

Many baby girl curtains also are available as a ready made item , this enables  you to purchase at a relatively affordable price but will also allow you to have that soft drapery look into your daughter’s room. If you have window that is not full length to floor , always ensure that the drape is full length, this again will create the illusion that the window is longer and ceilings are higher. It is also now possible to hang your curtains on baby curtains rods that are specifically design for this type of curtain.

Crib bedding will some times determine also what type of material is to be used for baby room curtains, it is amazing when I have been shopping that how many stores will also include baby boy curtains in the girls sections, maybe they are trying to get you to purchase a set baby blue curtains or a set  of each just in case you dont know whether you are having a boy or a girl For the home sewer you can also purchase baby curtain patterns, most of these have really good tutorials on how to make your own curtains at home.

One of the most important details to remember, is that what you decide is going to go on your windows, must be functional and operational, it is no use spending all this time and money if the curtains dont suit the windows. Simple steps to ensure you have beautiful baby girl curtains

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