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Bathroom Curtains

Bathroom Curtains come in all sizes and varities and are sometimes overlooked by most people as being a necessary part of their home, we often treat our bathroom as a secondary room and do not treat it or devote as much time to it as we should. Most bathroom curtains have either been curtains that have been taken from another area of the house and re-designed or simply put up to make do.

With all new bathrooms that i decorate i take the approach that is to be a clean fresh look on the window but keeping in mind that whatever product we introduce into this area it has be a material for your bathroom curtains that will stand up to  alot of moisture content, so not all materials and applications are suitable

Simple Bathroom Curtains

Simple Bathroom Curtains

High moisture content = mould, the quickest way to destroy your bathroom curtains is to allow mould to build up, choose a fabric ideally a 100% nylon or polyster with a mildew resistant rating. Many manufacturers of today are realising the benefits of ensuring that materials that are used in wet-areas should have at least the capabilities resisting buildup

As far as style goes for your bathroom curtains – remember keep it simple and clean and allow the product to create a light filtering effect within the area. There is nothing worse than going in a wet area and feeling dark and dingy. Keep it light and bright. This can be achieved either by colour choice or by product design.

Bathroom curtains can create a softness and freshness within your bathroom and i find that the lighter colours and softer textured materials are often the most suitable for these areas. Either using a straight light colour voile or a textured cotton with minimal fuss. Shape and design are also important by not cluttering the window or area. Let the light into your room and you will definately create a lovely curtain

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