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Black out curtains

Black  out curtains are window furnishings that provide a full protection from the sun during summer and offer heat retention during the winter months. In years gone the choice of these fabrics was very limited in texture and colours generally were all within the mid range of a hue . Over the past 5 years we have now seen the benefits that these black out curtains can offer.

Creating a new and exciting look on your windows using black out curtains is now very possible due to the wide use of these materials, many curtain material manufacturers now have at least 30% of their ranges catering to this market. Many of the materials now come in every colour imaginable with many also supplying prints and heavy textures.

Black out curtains material

Black out curtains material

The main feature of using black out curtains is that the material is generally coated using either 2 pass or 3 pass lining process, this is adhered to the base cloth creating the appearance of a one layered piece of material with a soft like underside. These types of materials can then be made by any curtain workroom into either a pinch pleated drape or alternatively a roman blind.

Due to the amount of black out curtains now available on the market , we have seen a real leaning to using this type of material, it basicallys provides all year round coverage on your window whilst reducing the amount of bulk that is traditional with many 2 layer lined curtains. Many homes that have a lovely view or aspect do not want the bulk on a window that a traditional separate lined curtain offers

Another benefit of black out curtains that we are now starting to see coming into the market place,  is that a few manufacturers are looking at creating a material that will provided all the necessary benefits but will also be eco friendly, hopefully this will be a fully natural product made from natural fibres – thus creating the ultimate black out curtains

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