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Category: Cafe Curtains

Cafe Curtains

Cafe Curtains can be dated back to the early 1500’s, a useful curtain designed to create a privacy aspect between the person standing at the sink and any passer byes or onlookers. Cafe curtains of today come in many shapes , sizes and colours. Traditionally a cafe curtain was always made from a lace material or alternatively a heavy textured material.

As times have changed and people taste has evolved we see many Cafe Curtains now made from light sheer voile material or alternatively light cotton material with suitable patterns. Lace still forms a large of part of Cafe Curtains design but now we have several more choices to entice our imagination. When I look at a clients windows to decorate with a Cafe Curtain the first thing i try to maintain is the functionality of the area,ie this is a wet area with alot of splashing of water.