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Category: Curtain Ideas

Domestications Curtains using bath bedding or bed skirts

Domestications Curtains can often be confused with your traditional bath bedding or even your domestic blitz curtains, they can either be a ready made product or alternatively bed skirts that are rod pocket and contain several different patterns. They can generally be tab top curtain and are always very suitable for machine wash and are always on special on curtain clearances. Remember when deciding what type of curtain to use that it must be suitable fabric for that area. For instance in your wet areas , ensure that your fabric composition is either polyster or nylon, in other areas the composition is not so important.

domestic blitz curtains

If you are installing your domestications curtains remember to purchase a curtain rod that is suitable for the type of heading that you have on your drape, curtain tracks will allow a curtain that has either  pinch pleated or gathered finish, a curtain rod or poleset will also allow for these types of headings. If you have a rod slot finish then you just need to purchase some conduit and cut it back to the size of the window, the conduit is generally covered in a plastic finish.

These types of window treatments also come in many different designs , ranging from your traditional soft material  to the loud geometric designs, just lately many manufacturers have also been incorporating motifs or butterflies or birds, this can be a very effective design in the correct area. Generally window drapes are kept simple on the your wet areas or secondary rooms, if you want to make a feature out of your windows then definately use this in your main living or lounge area. Side curtains are also a very effective way of dressing your window to create a lovely look and feel. Also follow your care labels when cleaning your domestications curtains.

How to combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate window covering

Curtains and blinds

Combining curtains and blinds to create a unique look and feel on any window creates the ultimate compliment to your home. Many consultants will only consider using a single product or similar styles, as you can see by the attached image, a combination of many products can create a soft unique covering for your windows.


How to create your own curtain ideas using window decorating treatments.

Curtain Ideas are often created by an individual out of pure necessity to have a different window treatment look in their home. Fabric window treatments using home decor curtains are a great way of introducing curtain valances or curtain tiebacks on a window.

Follow my simple guide to utilising curtains , roman blinds , bed valance ideas or sheer curtain ideas to create a new and vibrant look on any window. One of the main curtain styles that are used when creating a new look on your window is either a pinch pleated curtain or pencil pleated drape.


Curtain Ideas

Curtain ideas are generally created from a persons individual look or thought process towards their home or own specific needs for a certain area. Many curtain ideas have started off as mere concepts of creating a wow factor on a window within their own home. With the change in modern design of homes and windows it is often refreshing to hear peoples differing view on their interpretation on how a window should be dressed of finished. Although all curtain ideas should be looked on whether they are funtional on the window

One of the best ways to determine if a curtain idea is suitable for your window is to basically go to your local stationary supplier and purchase some large sheets or packing paper or newspapers will do, sketch out your curtain idea , cut it to shape and exact size and then use as a template to temporarily put on your window frame. This will enable you  to see the full shape and effect on your window without going to the expense of having something made and then realising that it isnt exactly how you thought it would decorate your windows.