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Category: Eco friendly Curtains

Is this an image of the worlds largest curtain

Yes  it is, the worlds largest curtain now hangs in the magnificent Kirkless hotel in Dubai, the concept behind this curtain that adorns this hotel was inspired and design by Sven Mueller, the design itself is the largest KriskaDECOR curtain. The idea from the designer was to incorporate and merge the atmosphere using silver and lime coloured materials. Full detailed specs are here


How to combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate window covering

Curtains and blinds

Combining curtains and blinds to create a unique look and feel on any window creates the ultimate compliment to your home. Many consultants will only consider using a single product or similar styles, as you can see by the attached image, a combination of many products can create a soft unique covering for your windows.


Eco Friendly Curtains

Eco friendly curtains present one of the most challenging aspect of decorating your home today, it is not as simple as it seems. We would all like to have the ability of installing new window coverings using eco friendly curtains but the choice of fabrics available is still very limited in choice.

I have noticed over the last 12 months that material manufacturers are now taking a very positive approach to utilising these green materials and over the next few years im sure that they will become a major portion of the market.

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains