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Category: Roller Blinds

How to clean Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

Cleaning Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds is a fairly straight forward process, follow these simple steps that are recommended by the manufacturers and you will immediately renew your roller blinds and roman blinds back to their original condition. Depending on what material your blinds are made from generally determines what type of washing and cleaning products we can use.


How to make roller blinds – is it really possible ?

How to make your own roller blinds , is this really possible to make your own roller blinds at home and save hundreds and even thousand of dollars on furnishing your new or existing home. The answer simply is yes, let me show you an easy way of furnishing your home with roller blinds that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbours for a fraction of the cost of purchasing either on-line or direct from your nearest supplier


Swag Curtains – the complete guide to making and installing

Swag curtains are one of the most traditional finishes that you can introduce onto your window coverings, intricate in design and generally create that wow factor when you enter the room. Swag curtains or swags and tails have long been deemed as the ultimate in window soft furnishings providing an immediate statement with choices of fabrics and design only limited to your imagination.

Traditional swag curtains

Traditional swag curtains

To make your own pinch pleated curtains in easy to follow stepsĀ  Click Here!