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Category: Shower Curtains

How to make shower curtains How to hang shower curtains

How to make shower curtains and how to hang shower curtains has always conjured up scary ideas for everyone in regards to how can I make and hang these types of curtains , follow my easy tutorial and I will teach you step by step how to have your new  shower curtains installed in only a matter of time. Keeping in mind that the bathroom area generally is an area that is tight on room and allows doesnt always allow for large ladders or steps.

Shower Curtains – do we actually need them ?

Shower Curtains are either a necessary item for our bathrooms or just another added piece of decoration, but do we actually need them ? The answer simply put is Yes, shower curtains provide a no nonsense approach to keeping our bathrooms and ensuites typically clean and dry. They can be used as a decorative piece or alternatively we can use them purely and simply as a functional curtain.

Shower curtains - Cheap and Effective

Shower curtains - Cheap and Effective

The current trend towards shower curtains is now to basically use either a polyster or nylon curtain, this type of material will endure high temperature moisture and will handle as much washing in a machine as is necessary. A little eucalyptus oil in the wash will do wonders. Many new shower curtains come in a vast array of designs including plain voile or to the more dramatic contemporary designs.