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How to clean swags and tails , curtains

Cleaning Swags and tails can often deter us from even entering into our minds, our beautiful curtains and swags that we see on the windows at some point in time will need cleaning. There is a simple process that is not shared very often on how to clean your swags and tails. For all my clients that have installed these types of curtains, follow these easy steps and I will guarantee you that your swags and curtains will once again be like new.


How to make swag curtains in 10 easy steps

Swag curtains or swag drapes are more than often look at and admired but never are they considered as an item that can be made or sewn by the average sewer. Think again follow my simple formula and I will show you how to make beautiful swags in an easy and effortless way. I have been decorating homes throughout the world using this unique modern swag.
Many swag curtain manufacturers try and complicate the process of making swags, they try to discourage people from attempting to sew these beautiful design curtains because it basically is a protected product and to be honest most people wont want to attempt them because of the perceived difficulty of getting them looking nice and professional. Follow the following steps to creating your own swag curtain or swag drapes.

swag curtains

Swag Curtains – the complete guide to making and installing

Swag curtains are one of the most traditional finishes that you can introduce onto your window coverings, intricate in design and generally create that wow factor when you enter the room. Swag curtains or swags and tails have long been deemed as the ultimate in window soft furnishings providing an immediate statement with choices of fabrics and design only limited to your imagination.

Traditional swag curtains

Traditional swag curtains

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