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Battenburg lace curtains – Vintage battenburg lace

Battenberg lace curtains are sometimes very hard to track down , they are a specific type of material that was used quite extensively in years gone by, the overall design of the batternberg lace curtain is generally an overall design that is quite heavily patterned , these types of curtains are also generally a readymade item that you can purchase to fit a certain style or size of window. They generally will either come in a pure white colour or soft creamy or ecru . Battenberg lace curtains are now generally made from 100% polyster but there are still some companies that use 100% cotton. Installing them is quite simple as they are normally made with a rod slot at the top

Many of the battenburg lace curtains will include the main side curtains , tiebacks and a valance that is installed over the top, when measuring your window ensure that you have measured from the top of the architrave or plaster down to the floor and across the window from one side to the other. Normally you would allow 2 times the fullness for the area that you are covering , for example if the window where your batternburg lace curtains are going is approximaely 6 feet or 2 metres wide than you require around 12 feet of lace or 4 metres , this ensures that your new curtains willl look full and not appear as if they have been spaced out too much.

Washing or cleaning your new batternburg lace curtains is relatively a simple process of hand washing in a tub with a soft cleaning soap and then hand wringing them until they are just damp , they can now be re-hung when wet , this allows them to form back into their natural shape or folds. They can also be regularly vacuumed with a soft head brush to remove any build up of dust. The quality of this lace ensures that you will a traditional look and feel on your window with your new battenburg lace curtains.

Custom Curtains using Custom Fabric to form a modern design

Custom Curtans usually are curtains that have been made to your exact window measurements, many times when measuring windows, it requires several types of different styles and shapes , this is only achievable by using made to measure items. Custom curtains blinds are usally of a higher quality material and workmanship in comparison to a ready made product. Traditionally these types of curtains will include the following types , roller blinds , swags and tails , austrian drapes , curtain valance styles , custom window drapes.

custom valance styles

One of the most interesting ways of creating a special or unique look on a window is to fully utilise these types of designs, if you are trying to create a lovely formal look in a main lounge or dining area you would normally incorporate a swag and tail with formed drapes underneath. The window is then extended over past the architrave with tiebacks and fringing and trims will also be sewn onto the base or sides of the drapes. Normally the tail component of the swag can also have a contrasting colour , this highlights the shape and emphasizes styling.

Custom Curtains can also be used if you are trying for a minimal style on your windows, this is generally achieved by using a roller blind as the main functional part of your window treatment and then use a simple side drape, generally the side drape will only cover an area of around 25 inches and again is then dressed back to the side of the window. Keep your colour neutral and plain and dont complicate the room or area with too many accessories.

Curtain Valance styles and custom curtains blinds are always used to define an exact area, for instance in your bathroom you will use custom shower curtains or even in a young childrens area we can utilise custom curtains for kids, also it is quite possible to enhance your existing room by using custom fabric that is then incorporated into a special shape or design. When using these types of finishes , it is only up to your imagination of what can be achieved on your windows.

Many interior decorators believe that  your main room reflects your personality of your home , this is very true, if you are a bright bubbly person you will more than likely have strong bold custom window treatments, choosing to use strong colours. If you are little more subdued than definately the pastel tonings will suit your new custom curtains

Drapery Curtains using affordable patterned curtains

Drapery Curtains will  often combine the look of a window covering into a very decorative room, using special types of draperies window coverings you will be able to create a totally fresh and unique look in this room. There are so many choices of curtain fabrics available that will compliment any style or home. Curtains drapes can be totally independent of any other window covering. What I mean is that when i decorate home I dont just lock myself into a certain style, for instance using drapery curtain rods throughout sometimes will overwhelm an area, so it is quite sensible to mix and match different types of products.

draperies windows curtains

Curtains Homes are also a totally different look to furnishing your home with roller blinds , we are now seeing from many different material manufacturers diffent compositions of fibres that traditionally havent been used in the past. Drapery curtains can also provide a great thermal protection during winter and summer, you must ensure that your curtain is lined in total blockout lining. Affordable pattern curtains are now also available in a huge range of ready made curtains, these are generally provided by large department stores at a reasonable price in comparison to using custom made products

Draperies window treatments can either be made as pinch pleated drapes or alternatively they can be made using a pencil pleat finish which is more like a gathered heading but a little more formal looking , drapes , curtains and valances are generally co-ordinated using the same fabric but quite often using a contrast colour for your valance. Tiebacks can also be again done in a totally different colour from the same range of materials.

One of the most important facets when even considering curtains is to really make sure that whatever window covering or treatment you use is totally functional. So many times i have been back to clients who have paid to have custom made drapery curtains and they look fantastic but do not suit the home or room. Generally any type of window treatment that you use should be able to open and close or either go up and down.

Generally most curtains are either hung on a decorative curtain rods or curtain tracks that are either cord operated or hand traverse, this is the correct way to hang you new drapery curtains.

Curtain Designs using Modern Curtain Designs

modern curtain designsCurtain designs are generally created by a talented designer or interior decorator , generally they will just start off as an idea and then progress to a drawing or sketching that then evolves into a full window covering. Most new ideas for modern curtain designs are also created out of necessity  and not necessarily the astetics of the window. Throughout my interior decorating career I have personally come across many individual shaped windows that require a totally unique design, this also applies to the shape and type of material that is used on many home interior curtains.

How to make tab top curtains

Making tab top curtains can be a very straight forward process , follow these easy steps and you will have a new set of tab top curtains created in less than 2 hours. Most of these curtains are generally used in areas that are easily accessible to the window, they are always hung on a pole of some description , either wood or stainless steel dependant on your decor. The following formula will easily work out how much material you will need “Secret Fabric Formula”.

How to make tab top Curtains

Curtain and Blinds – New versus Old

Curtains and Drapes are definitely in the midst of a making a strong comeback into the market, a semi renaissance is now appearing more often in homes, where as in the past 5 years we have been dominated by the minimalist look on many homes and display homes. Curtains were always being portrayed as the accessory rather than the main feature as they are now.


People are definitely paying more attention to how they dress their windows with curtains and drapes and also with the wide variety of materials that are available from suppliers it is creating a market that is full of creativity and enthusiasm, both from the customers end and also the retailers or consultants.

Many suppliers have now chosen definite styles of materials that enhance their own collections whilst maintaining the continuity of their current ranges. Many colours for curtains are also now being portrayed in the market as the colours for the next 12 months, we are seeing a resurgence in duck egg blue materials, linen fabrics in mainly neutral tonings and a wide variety of the brown and aqua tonings.

It is also now possible to create a look on a window using contemporary fabrics with a twist of mondernism styles, normally when I am advising clients on what style we should be seeking for their home I always take the opinion that it should be stylish , smart and most importantly functional.

It must also be said that whenever decorating you must create that “timeless option”, in essence the curtains or drapes that we install into our home today must be something that we can live with for several years to come.

How to make curtains for your new home is a creative way of enhancing your living and the overall value of your existing or new home.

Is this an image of the worlds largest curtain

Yes  it is, the worlds largest curtain now hangs in the magnificent Kirkless hotel in Dubai, the concept behind this curtain that adorns this hotel was inspired and design by Sven Mueller, the design itself is the largest KriskaDECOR curtain. The idea from the designer was to incorporate and merge the atmosphere using silver and lime coloured materials. Full detailed specs are here


How to stitch curtains

When learning how to stich curtains follow our – how to make pinch pleat curtains in 10 easy steps, or alternatively follow our “how to make curtains includes secret fabric formula”. These guides will allow you to make your new curtains in a fast timely manner.

Stiching curtains or sewing curtains can sometimes present a challenge for most people, using our secret fabric formula you can easily sew or stich a curtain quite easily. Many fabrics that are available now include the backing already adhered to the material. This allows for easy sewing and cutting and ensures that you make a curtain that is simply stunning.

There are basically 2 types of curtains that are made, one is a pinch pleated curtain or a gather curtain, the gathered curtain is by far easier to produce if you are a home sewer than a pinch pleat curtain. Follow our simple steps on the following guide “how to make a pinch pleat curtain in 10 easy steps” which will allow you to have beautiful curtains hanging at a fraction of the cost of normal custom made drapes.

Choosing your fabrics are also a simple method of finish, many fabrics are either plain or self textured, I personally prefer using soft textured materials when I am decorating a home. They provide a necessary colour and look on your window without complicating the style you require. When you are learning how to stich curtains, remember measure your material twice before cutting, this will avoid any mistakes

Discount Curtains

Many online stores now offer a wide variety of discount curtains, traditionally these discount curtains would have been made from inferior or discontinued curtain material, this has greatly changed over the past few years with manufacturers now realising the discount curtain market is a genuine growing market for buyers and shoppers on line and at retail outlets.

Discount curtains come in many different styles and formats, they may be pinch pleated or gathered heading , some will be full blackout others will be 1 pass translucent backed. Plain or textured fabrics are also becoming a traditional material that is used when buying discount curtains. As with any purchase of curtains the most important part is making sure that they are going to fit your window

Discount Curtains

Discount Curtains