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Cheap Curtains

Cheap Curtains doesnt necessarily mean horrible looking curtains, many decorators these days have the unique ability of using cheap curtains to create a look on a window that adds value and interest to a certain area without spending 100’s or 1000’s of dollars to achieve this. By utilising these techniques I can show you how to take a piece of material that initially you would look at and say that this is totally inappropriate for the area you are trying to decorate

Many material manufacturers now have the capability of producing materials that look and feel great at a greatly reduced price that has never been available due to high yarn costs and dye overheads. With the advent of globalisation , several countries can now provide fantastic cheap curtains materials at a greatly reduced cost.

Cheap Curtains looking good

Cheap Curtains looking good

One concept that I use when decorating a customers house is take middle of the road materials mixed in with a few high end fabrics and also a few cheap curtains materials, I always start the consultation with asking the customer what fabrics appeal to her from the ranges i have chosen, invariably a high portion of my clients lean towards some of the cheaper designs. Keeping in mind that there are no price stickers on any of these fabrics

Cheap Curtains have a unique place in our marketplace as they service a need by our customers to have the ability to decorate some windows in their homes without too much expense. Just because a piece of material looks expensive doesnt mean it is expensive, remember when decorating keep it simple and keep it clean. The only way to tell if a piece of material is cheaper , is to feel the material, generally the touch of the dearer materials will show you the quality difference

Keeping in mind that cheap curtains generally have the same amount of cotton or polyster within the yarn as expensive curtains but the dying and finish procedures are not as good

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