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Country Curtains

Country curtains can best be  described as curtains that are heavily influenced by traditional patterns and designs, the overall look created by country curtains is often attributed to the use of cleverly textured and shaped materials that provide a level of design that provides a unique style on any given window or room

Although country curtains are a definate style or look, they are often mixed and matched with other window products within the home to allow a high impact on furnishings with a minimal of fuss. The fabrics that are commonly used are florals with small designs and compact flowers, checks and stripes are always used a co-ordinating colour when trying to incorporate country curtains into any home.

Country Curtains using a heavy textured material

Country Curtains using a heavy textured material

Materials that can be used are typical light in weight and body but provide enough covering on the window for keeping the heat out and warmth in during winter and summer seasons. Lace is traditionally used in mixed format also, it is not uncommon to see country curtains with a main fabric as a floral and then edging of finishing off being done with a cream or white lace trim

Another use of Country curtains is to shape a window, we can do this traditionally by a doing a small valance at the top section , approx 30cm in depth and then doing some side drapes on tiebacks, these can either be a moving curtain or a fixed side drape.  Lace or sheer can then be installed into the middle section of the window, thus creating a fully dressed picture window

Generally the finish on the country curtains is a ruffled stich, this can be done either using gathering tape or more a pencil knife pleat tape, you should always allow a minimum of 2.5 times the width when working out your quantities for curtains. Another variance on the top curtain is to use a lace or slightly pattern voile and trim it in a contract colour of a plain material, this also can be a very effective way of shaping the area.

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