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Curtain Designs using Modern Curtain Designs

modern curtain designsCurtain designs are generally created by a talented designer or interior decorator , generally they will just start off as an idea and then progress to a drawing or sketching that then evolves into a full window covering. Most new ideas for modern curtain designs are also created out of necessity  and not necessarily the astetics of the window. Throughout my interior decorating career I have personally come across many individual shaped windows that require a totally unique design, this also applies to the shape and type of material that is used on many home interior curtains.

Some curtain desigen can also impact on the way that a window is dressed or completed, many curtain designs are also used to offset a certain aspect of a window area , for example you may have a large window for curtain designs that will definately need to have the curtain or drape extended past each side and also extended past top and bottom. Modern curtain designs also have the unique ability to add a third dimension to your existing windows , you can search online for pictures of many curtain designs that will often give you a general idea as to what will look good on your own windows

Curtains and drapes have the unique ability of transforming a window from being a functional part of your home to being a major feature within the area or room, generally this is done by highlighting  the top section of the window and creating your dream curtain designs. One of the most inspirational creations I ever saw was when a decorator had transformed an old victorian window approximately 6 feet wide into a replica of the Eiffel tower , using only raw natural colored materials.

Home interior curtains and pictures of curtain designs are definately an easier way to visualise what your new room will look like , there are even softwares that allow you to do this online. Many home sewers can now also create their own look by following easy to use tutorials, generally a window is enhanced via 2 ways, this is done via the use of the material and via the shape of your new curtain designs

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