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Curtain Fabrics – Curtain Materials – How are they made – totally organic

Curtain fabrics or curtain material comes in a wide variety of colours , textures , and now many different widths. Traditionally many curtain fabrics have been made from the same fibre or composition and generally were always 120cm wide or 48 inches. Over the last 5 years we have now seen many manufacturers supply materials from 120cm , 137cm , 150cm and now 240cm wide material. This has allowed many curtain retailers to take advantage of this extra width to provide a complete coverage for your windows.


The composition of curtain fabrics has changed dramatically over the past few years , we are now see curtain materials manufactured from cotton , polyster , rayon , nylon and organic cotton material. One of the best advancements within our industry using these materials is that we are now able to supply a stable material on a window without having any concerns of shrinkage or downward movement. Many curtain fabrics are also being made from a combination of the above yarns which again provides added benefit for our windows.

The beauty about curtain fabrics being made from different fibres is that it has allowed many new designs and colours to be achieved. We are now seeing designs in bright colours on polyster fabrics utilizing full width material or standard width. One advantage of now being able to purchase wide width materials is that we can easily co-ordinate bedspreads and doona covers with our curtains.

Generally curtain fabrics will continue to evolve with more emphasis now being direct to creating an organic range that is suitable for eco friendly curtains. We have natural hemp curtain fabrics along with naturally seeded calico.

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