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Curtain Finials

Curtain Finials provide a way to completely enhance the overall look of your window, when I am decorating my clients homes the use of curtain finials plays a major part in completing my theme or window dressing. Without these extra items for decoration where would we be ? Many decorators believe that the top section of the window is just a important as the main section that we are decorating.

With a large variety of curtain finials to choose from, made from different materials and different colours we are now able to transform the overall look of any window without too much fuss, again when decorating and trying to create an impace window there is no greater way of achieving this with curtain finials.

Curtain Finials - custom made designs

Curtain Finials - custom made designs

Many curtain tracks or decorative rods are primarily used to keep the window functional and being able to open and close when required, although when a beautiful piece of material is used , I will always try to enhance the header of the window by again utilising different styles and applications that will complete the window dressing and allow the true look of the window to come through.

Curtain finials come in many different sizes and shapes, you can start with a classical round ball shape made  of glass or brass, other shapes that are available range from  spears, leafs, tridents, wrought iron rings, acorns and I have even used some in the shape of diamonds, when it comes to using these items it is only left up your imagination and look that you are trying to achieve.

One of the most widely used curtain finials is the traditional round ball made from brass, probably due to the fact that was the first design , dating back many hundreds of years when gold and brass decorations were all the favour. Many companies now have their own curtain finials range

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