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Curtain Ideas

Curtain ideas are generally created from a persons individual look or thought process towards their home or own specific needs for a certain area. Many curtain ideas have started off as mere concepts of creating a wow factor on a window within their own home. With the change in modern design of homes and windows it is often refreshing to hear peoples differing view on their interpretation on how a window should be dressed of finished. Although all curtain ideas should be looked on whether they are funtional on the window

One of the best ways to determine if a curtain idea is suitable for your window is to basically go to your local stationary supplier and purchase some large sheets or packing paper or newspapers will do, sketch out your curtain idea , cut it to shape and exact size and then use as a template to temporarily put on your window frame. This will enable you  to see the full shape and effect on your window without going to the expense of having something made and then realising that it isnt exactly how you thought it would decorate your windows.

Curtain ideas - curtains complete

Curtain ideas - curtains complete

Some of the most interesting  curtain ideas that i have come across throughout my career as a consultant have been the combination of several products and materials that would not necessarily have been used togeather in the main stream. Although every curtain idea has been created out of need , many of use are reminded that without new curtains ideas being created where would our soft furnishing industry be today

Curtain ideas can come in all shapes and sizes, utilising soft furnishing in the way of  lace austrian curtains or the complete opposite of using a very plain material with minimal features and having made into a tab top curtain on a decorative stainless steel rod. Your only over-riding factor when trying to create a new curtain ideas is make sure the window or furnishings ends up being functional, why pay all that money if it is a chore to use.

How to create the ultimate curtain idea is often a subjective view on what we would like to see our window furnished in, many fabrics being utilised today by decorators lend themselves to be sewn into any shape or form, swags and tails, pelmets and pinch pleated curtains , these are all curtain ideas that have been converted into an actual product. Remember if you are wanting to create impact within your room, use a strong bold colour and then shape the window accordingly, Its your curtain ideas make it count.

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