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Curtain Patterns

Curtain patterns can be the defining impact on any new drape or window furnishing that is introduced into your new or existing home, with the  current trend of curtain material manufacturers leaning toward bright bold prints, curtain patterns are definately become more appealing to be used on windows that in the past may not have warranted such a heavy bright design. Increasingly many interior decorator or curtain consultants are taking full advantage of the vast variety of curtain patterns available.

Curtain Patterns - Free Designs

Curtain Patterns - Free Designs

Many material fabric designs that have been introduced into the market over the past 2 years have definately had a stronger leaning towards bright strong window furnishing designs. Subtle fabrics with heavy textures has also been a predominate fabric that has been heavily geared towards the residential home market

With the correct curtain patterns you can create a certain type of look on your home or individual room , study’s can become loud and bright and strong in patter and colour. Lounge or main dining areas can be influenced by using a slightly  textured curtain patterns and choice of actual composition of fibre is now a major thinking process that must be applied to all windows when decorating with new products.

One of my favourite curtain patterns when re-decorating a customer or clients home is the traditional horizontal slub, commonly referred to a shantung material, it offers a soft look on any window but creates enough interest within the shape and material to lend itself to be a long term window covering. Other curtain patterns can either be large or small in design, heavy materials or soft sheers, nylon or polyster. Generally the heavier the material the nicer the curtain will trail down into its folds. This can also be achieved by using made to measure tiebacks.

A curtain that is made professionally from a specific curtain workroom will also have been sketched out to curtain patterns, the have been used for many years by experienced sewers and offer a viable alternative to sending your curtains to a professional company. Many designs offer pencil pleat finish, goblet finish or even the tradition triple pinch pleated finish.

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