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Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can make or break your finished decoration in your home, with the vast array and different designs now available we have an endless shape and style that we can introduced on our window covering with new curtains rods. Traditionally a curtain track was very bland and plain, now it is a feature of any new soft furnishing that we introduce into areas.

When we are decorating we are mainly looking at the overall shape that will be completed when our new curtains or drapes are installed, many new curtain rods are made from  bright brass, wrought iron, timber, stainless steel, acrylic and even some of the latest trends are made from pure copper base metallics. A new curtain rods will compliment new fabrics and materials and will totally enhance the new look of your room


Drapes can either be pinch pleated or pencil pleat depending on the desired finish, a special hook is used to attach the new curtain and create a refreshing new look on your window, curtain rods have always been used when trying to highlight the top section of a window or to show a window from being special or dominant in a room.

Special curtain rods are now being used in many hospitals and nurshing homes, these can be bent to any degree and a fully supported from the ceiling with special hangers, a suitable curtain is then attached to the curtain rods to allow for ease of use and hygenic conditions for all residents and patients

One of the most important facets when considering what to introduce on to your windows is to always remember to keep your style and shape clean and fresh, dont complicate it with too many products and allow the window alot of natural light, this will compliment the material or fabric that you have chosen for your window covering on you new curtain rods

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