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Curtains can enhance the look of any room or home if used correctly, one of most practical ways to fully utilise curtains in your home is first to have a look at the colour environment within the room that you are wanting to decorate with new curtain.

When I enter a clients home the first point of reference for me is to view the existing curtains or window coverings, this enables me to ascertain whether the home or room will need a full complete re-decoration or can simply by upgraded with correct use of curtain styles or systems

Curtains combining light and texture

Curtains combining light and texture

A lot of times people will try to over complicate their window furnishings or curtains by either trying for the new curtains to be become a major statement , ie in the way of strong bold colours, or on the other hand they may try and introduce too many different products on to the window thus creating an overbalanced window

When decorating your home remember the golden rule that still applies today, keep it simple and clean and fluid. With many decorators these days there still seems to be this over emphasis on creating the wow factor via the new window furnishings, although this is effective in what I call single impact areas, it is not always appropriate to do this throughout your whole home.

I still believe with the correct curtains and a feature colour wall , generally bold and dramatic in colour, this can create the absolute impact within your home that will balance the needs of impact versus stylish curtain.

Also by using a simple approach to window curtains it is amazing how well you can freshen a room or area without having to re-paint or re-carpet. Windows are now becoming the area of the home that we try to fully utilise with the minimum of fuss , whilst maintaining a certain contemporary look and feel.

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