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Did you know that velvet curtains are making a comeback

Velvet curtains definately are the ultimate in any window covering, these versatile materials offer maximum protection from the sun and also allow for a uniqueness on your window. Velvet curtains have been mainly  been used in the past in Dining room or lounge areas. We are now seeing them predominately being used in home theatre rooms. The texture and style of the material will give maximum sound reverberation and also sound absorption.

Velvet curtains Velvet curtains

There are several different types of velvet curtains that can be made, the first one is velvet that is separately lined with  a cotton lining, this reduces the bulk in the curtain and allows for the drape to hang true. The second option is having the curtain lined in a blackout lining, this will give you maximum protection from the sun and also keep your house warm during those winter months. The 3rd option is having the velvet curtain lined in 3 pass blackout lining and also using a bumph lining to bulk the curtain out. Another advantage of the bumph is that it will provide maximum sound reverberation for your new home theatre room.

Velvet curtains can have several types of headings, including pinch pleat, pencil pleat, gathered heading and also goblet pleating is now becoming fashionable again. The beauty of using velvet is that the curtain will drape beautifully from day one, the material is long wearing and offers a very unique style on your window

Manufacturers have also increased the colours available, starting from the traditional Red and Blue, we now have many in between shades that combine with new decorator colours that are now being utilised throughout many new homes.

How to clean velvet curtains is also very important, ideally they should only be dry-cleaned, if this is not possible then definately only a hand wash. They can be vacuumed gently with a soft brush on low power.

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