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Discount Curtains

Many online stores now offer a wide variety of discount curtains, traditionally these discount curtains would have been made from inferior or discontinued curtain material, this has greatly changed over the past few years with manufacturers now realising the discount curtain market is a genuine growing market for buyers and shoppers on line and at retail outlets.

Discount curtains come in many different styles and formats, they may be pinch pleated or gathered heading , some will be full blackout others will be 1 pass translucent backed. Plain or textured fabrics are also becoming a traditional material that is used when buying discount curtains. As with any purchase of curtains the most important part is making sure that they are going to fit your window

Discount Curtains

Discount Curtains

Some facts to look for when deciding is to make sure the drop or height of the curtain is what  you require ie 213cm drop or 221cm drop, the easiest way to confirm if they are going to fit your window is to use the following simple formula, 1w of material will generally cover 70cm of window, so if you are purchasing a   pair 2 x 2w curtains , you have a total of 4w multiply by the 70cm = approxmately 280cm, this is the maximum width of window that your discount curtains will cover.

It is very possible to now decorate or update your window furnishings on a budget, utilising discount curtains and ensuring that the look that you are wanting to put into your home suits your style. Many shops that sell curtains believe that they can genuinely help you achieve this by providing this as a service in conjunction with standard custom made products. Sometime it is only a matter that they may be slightly damaged or the colour may be slightly of hue, remember this is an ideal way to save money.

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