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Door Curtains

One of the most challenging aspects of decorating your home can sometimes be the simplest of windows or areas to be covered, the door curtains area is always an area that must be viewed to creating a look on this window but the over-riding factor should be that you have created a functional curtain. Their is nothing worse than a curtain consultant advising you to put a product on your door curtains and then realising that it is so impractical and unworkable that it has been a complete waste of time and money

Door Curtains - Blackout Material

Door Curtains - Blackout Material

Before deciding on what type of door curtains you require, firstly take into account how many times that door will be used for accessing in and out of your home, if it is a high traffic area than what ever you put on this window must be totally clear of your access point otherwise you will have yourselves and guest getting caught up in it every time they enter or leave. Door curtains must be practical and functional. If it is a sliding door ensure that the curtian is pulling to one side away from the opening.

How to measure a door curtains is very easy, always start width of the area,  measure across the glass area including architrave if necessary, then measure from the top of the architrave down to the floor. This will give you the approximate size that you will require if you are looking to purchase a door curtain online. If you are having a party or theme night you can also buy relatively cheap door curtains online to suit any party. This a great cost effective way to enhance your window.

Many door curtains can be created from using either a very soft material or alternatively a completely full drape, always ensure that whatever material you decided to use it is made correctly for that door, I cant stress how important it is to ensure that when the finished product arrives it is totally functional for the area.

Many homes that i have decorated with door curtains I have used several design techniques using many different styles and textures of materials, if the door is situated at the front of the house it is always nice to ensure that you put a fabric on this area that you can see out but very hard to people to see in, this also has an advantage that with a soft material you are allowing filtered light to be in your room but maintaining privacy. Obviously if privace is a concern you a full blackout material.

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