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Draperies 46 curtains using silk taffeta drapes

Draperies 46 curtains are generally classified as a ready made product, I usually see these being made from silk taffeta drapes or alternatively dupioni silk , they combine many different finishes and styles and are often either full blockout or a partial blackout curtain. They can be manufactured in either a pinch pleated finish or generally a gathered heading. Draperies 46 curtains can also be made from continuous lace material. If your drapes curtains valances are made from lace than the installation is slightly different to a normal material curtain.

silk taffeta drapes

The beauty of having curtains manufactured  that suit draperies 46 curtains is that these are a standard size for most windows, before purchasing you must ensure that these will fit your window. Firstly measure the width of the window and add around 10 inches and then measure the drop of the window. These can either be installed on a curtain track which will need gathering hooks or pinch pleat hooks, or you can install them on a rod that is positioned slightly above the window frame. Always measure twice before actually installing your rods

Often these style of curtains are silk drapes curtains and require a little more effort to detail regarding cleaning and mainting that fresh look appeal, silk should always only be washed in cold water and hung on the window whilst it is slightly damp. Always ensure that you read the care labels that are attached to the material. Thermal curtain drapes also come in this size, they will either be translucent or blackout. Many of the designs that we now use for draperies 46 curtains are either plain textured material or alternatively some type of floral or bold design.

The creativity of any room is always determined by the design of the window and also the accessories that are in the room , more than often try and keep the window or curtain very minimal in look and use a soft design material, this will allow for the room itself to compliment the curtains. Minimal and clean lines always look totally modern and smart and allow for a more diversified feel to the area using your new curtains

As with any ready made product when you first have it delivered or you bring it home , there is a temptation to hang the curtain immediately and get it up onto the rod or curtain track, you really need to spend a small amount of time and press the curtain with an iron or steamer, it will look so much more like a custom made product. I generally allow 1/2 hour for pressing per set of curtains. Generally  this allows for the settling of the material on your new draperies 46 curtains.

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