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Eco Friendly Curtains

Eco friendly curtains present one of the most challenging aspect of decorating your home today, it is not as simple as it seems. We would all like to have the ability of installing new window coverings using eco friendly curtains but the choice of fabrics available is still very limited in choice.

I have noticed over the last 12 months that material manufacturers are now taking a very positive approach to utilising these green materials and over the next few years im sure that they will become a major portion of the market.

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains

Natural Hemp eco friendly curtains

Current Eco Friendly material that is available is generally made from re-cycled cotton or other re-cycled natural products. The material itself is soft in texture and allows for many different applications. A traditionally pinch pleat curtain can be achieved and thus provide you with a stylish smart eco friendly curtains.

Many hemps are now being made into eco friendly shower curtains using a process of bleaching with a natural based bleach, many of the fabrics are also using natural cotton duck fabric and the eyelets used for these curtains are natural based plated rings. When using any of these natural products within a wet area you must ensure that at the first sign of any mildew that you wash the curtain generally in a small amount of eucalypus oil and allow to dry naturally.

One of the main aspects of using eco friendly curtains is to provide a more natural presence in our homes, and use products that have been manufactured solely with the intent of creating minimal impact on our environment. It is refreshing to see that many of my clients are now enquiring regarding these products.

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