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Extra Long Shower Curtains – where to buy

One of the most frustrating items that you can look for when updating your window furnishings can be extra long shower curtains, whilst their are many standard shower curtains available . many manufacturers seem to shy away from making extra long shower curtains. This can generally be related to the fact that many providers of shower curtains generally design their whole range around using standard drops.

Extra long shower curtains - shower curtain

Extra long shower curtains - shower curtain

Most theme type curtains are always a standard drop and it is only now that some manufacturers are starting to recognise that many people have requirements that are not standard. A unique way that i have seen done to create extra long showers curtains is to basically purchase 2 standard ones , cut the top off one of the curtains and then use either adhesive velcro tape or sew a horizontal seam to join both pieces togeather. This maintains the same design and appearance and allows for a uniform style and creates extra long shower curtains to your size.

Extra long shower curtains can also be created by using a nylon material that is generally available at 300cm drop, this can than be cut at the desired height and eyelets attached, remember when creating your own curtain to use suitable material that will not mildew or tear easily. These curtains are a great way to enhance or improve the look of your bathroom and overall to instill a freshness in the area.

When purchasing extra long shower curtains on-line always double check the exact measurement of the curtain otherwise you will be disappointed when they arrive. As with any application we put on a wet area ensure that it is practical and functional and easy to take down and wash. Also ensure that you are allowing enought fullness into the shower area , their is nothing that detracts from an extra long shower curtains that skimpyness in the width of the fabric , a minimum of 2x fullness should be what you are trying to achieve. –

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