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Fabric Shower Curtains

Fabric shower curtains provide an easy and cost effective treatment for revitalizing your bathroom or wet area, it is probably one of the easiest window coverings to provide an update to this area. Often fabric shower curtains are taken for granted even though they are the centre of the room and really are a centre piece.

They are also available in many colors, shapes , themes and designs, many manufacturers are now make fabric shower curtains from cotton, natural hemp, duck material , denim , sating and brocade. Many fabric shower curtains are machine washable and should be washed as per the washing instructions.


Probably one of the easiest curtains to hang on a rod, fabric shower curtains either have eyelets or rings, some can also have a gathered heading with tape, I would probably try to avoid these ones with tape as washing them is always an issue. Generally find a colour should be too much of an issue either as, colours and design have greatly improved over the last couple of years , with many large companies using themed fabric shower curtains to show off their branding.

A bathroom area can be transformed very quickly with a fabric shower curtains, when decorating at my clients homes I often suggest that we design or purchase several different colours or design that will allow a quick change to your bathroom without too much hassle or try and create a new look in a very quick time. I have even had some clients design their own fabric shower curtains with stencils using banner paint and polyser material, this is very creative and effective for the craft person. Remember polyester or nylon are the best forms of materials for wet areas

When measure or installing your new curtain always ensure that you have allowed extra on the drop or height of the curtain to ensure that it goes below or equal with your bath or shower recess

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