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How to clean Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds

Cleaning Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds is a fairly straight forward process, follow these simple steps that are recommended by the manufacturers and you will immediately renew your roller blinds and roman blinds back to their original condition. Depending on what material your blinds are made from generally determines what type of washing and cleaning products we can use.


Remove your roller blind from its brackets and unwind completely so that you expose the tubing, this is generally made from aluminium or plastic dependant on the manufacturer. Now when you are looking at the tubing you will see that it will have 2 end caps, these will either be for a spring system which has long been a traditional roller blind or the much new chain operated roller blinds. Generally there is only 2 ways that the material is attached to the roller blind, this is with tape or the material if it is an older blind will have a spline at the top section. Either way it is very easy to remove the material.

Lay the blind out flat on your kitchen table, remove from the roller so that the tubing now is totally free from the material, the first process we are going to do is steaming, now you can either hire a cheap steamer or alternatively I have found the following process work just as well, put your cooking steam on and lay to flannel or cleaning materials in the top, allow them to become saturated , drain and then use them to gently wipe the blind, this should be done on both sides when cleaning your roller blinds.

The second process we will use is spot cleaning, use diluted eucalyptus oil and rub any hard to remove spots, re-attach material to your roller blind and re-install, you will now have a new fresh looking roller blind

How to clean roman blinds is basically the same process , excepting that generally with a roman blind there is more preparation, follow these steps that have been used by qualified installers and you will be guaranteed a smooth and simple way of completing the task of cleaning your roman blinds

Let the roman blind go down to its fullest length, now go behind the roman blind and undo the cords from the bottom batton, the amount of cords will depend on the width of the blind. Now grab a ladder or chair and go to the top of the roman blind, most roman blinds use Velcro to attach to the headboard, peel the material from headboard and lay flat on a large table or flooring area.

Repeat the same process that you used for cleaning your roller blinds and now re-attach to the headboard, you will now need to thread and tie the cords as they were previously installed. This should be a simple process as the cords will still be hanging in the same position that they were when you removed the roman blind.

Another easy way to remove marks from roller blinds or roman blinds is to use a simple pencil rubber, this often will just make the mark magically disappear.

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