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How to clean swags and tails , curtains

Cleaning Swags and tails can often deter us from even entering into our minds, our beautiful curtains and swags that we see on the windows at some point in time will need cleaning. There is a simple process that is not shared very often on how to clean your swags and tails. For all my clients that have installed these types of curtains, follow these easy steps and I will guarantee you that your swags and curtains will once again be like new.


Do not be influenced by fancy advertisements and TV campaigns that the only way of cleaning your swags and tails is to have them professionally dry cleaned or laundered. If you follow my simple steps and take your time , your curtains and swags will be revamped, revitalised and look absolutely fantastic again.

Step 1 – If you have existing curtains under your swags and tails, remove these from your tracks and lay out flat on a table our lounge setting. If you have roman blinds or roller blinds remove these their fittings and again lay them flat or on a piece of furniture that will not crease the material

Step 2- Remove the swags and tails from the window , generally this is a straight forward process as they will be on a separate headboard that will have around 3 brackets under neath that is attaching it to the wall, when you remove the swags and tails for cleaning , again lay over the end of your kitchen table , this will enable the swags to maintain the original shape that they have when they are on your windows.

Step 3 – Firstly , vacuum with a soft brush, you don’t have to be gentle as your swags are forced and sewn into this position , they will not distorte or alter their shape, once you have vacuumed completely , allow around 1 hour for the material to settle.

Step 4 – Grab your steam iron, fill it with water and put it on the highest steam setting that is possible, now here is the trick that is applied at all professional cleaners, we are going to use the steam from the iron to clean the swags and tails. Obtain a separate water sprayer and use eucalyptus oil , ( 1 part to 5o of water). Starting from the left hand side spray the water solution on to your swags, now take your steam iron and steam the curtains with the power shot, very important do not let the iron actually touch the material, normally i have the iron around 4 inches or 10cm’s away from the material.

Step 5 – Grab your hairdryer and dry the swags and tails on a medium heat, i generally allow half and hour for each window, this is a general rule but you will become faster as you complete more windows. Re-install you swags and tails on your window, allow 2 hours for settling and voila, you have brand new swags and tails again.

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