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How to combine curtains and blinds for the ultimate window covering

Curtains and blinds

Combining curtains and blinds to create a unique look and feel on any window creates the ultimate compliment to your home. Many consultants will only consider using a single product or similar styles, as you can see by the attached image, a combination of many products can create a soft unique covering for your windows.


Curtains generally create the softness and dressing to your windows , blinds provide the functionality of the area. Whether you use roller blinds , pleated blinds or venetian blinds these allow you to regulate the amount of privacy and light that the room dictates.

Many homes nowadays have several windows within each area so it is vital that the presentation of the room is uniform amongst these windows. With the vast array of curtain materials now available in either cotton, polyster or even organically grown fibres, it allows us to provide different finishes to your windows.

How to combine softness and hardness on any window is quite evident within this image, the filtered light effect of the blinds and the overall dressing of the window display what is possible on all types of windows

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