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How to create your own curtain ideas using window decorating treatments.

Curtain Ideas are often created by an individual out of pure necessity to have a different window treatment look in their home. Fabric window treatments using home decor curtains are a great way of introducing curtain valances or curtain tiebacks on a window.

Follow my simple guide to utilising curtains , roman blinds , bed valance ideas or sheer curtain ideas to create a new and vibrant look on any window. One of the main curtain styles that are used when creating a new look on your window is either a pinch pleated curtain or pencil pleated drape.


Curtain decorating ideas are a way of achieving new and innovative looks on your windows normally without the expense of using a decorator or interior designer. First draw a few designs on paper, once you are happy with the design now source the material that you are going to need. You don’t need to spend alot of money on curtain material to create a certain look, but generally the dearer the material the more body it will have and subsequently the nicer the curtain will hang

Curtains tiebacks are a way of dressing or training the new curtain to form a shape on your window, many qualified installers with always spend the majority of their installation on dressing the curtains, this is always done with the aid of curtain tiebacks. These accessories can either be made from the same material as the curtain or alternatively there a wide range of tassle tiebacks

Curtain Valance ideas are a nice way of completing your window, sometimes a window or curtain just needs that little bit extra to complete the picture, a curtain valance can either be pinch pleated or gathered, some consultants will use the same material as the main curtain or alternatively we will use a contract colour or fabric , again curtain valance ideas have no hard and set rules regarding style and colour

Drapes and curtains are always primarily used to decorate your home, there are so many beautiful and interesting fabrics now available either at your local curtain fabric store or via curtains online. One of the main considerations when choosing a fabric is to determine if you want the curtain to be soft and subtle or alternatively make a statement, this is generally done by colour and not by shape of your drapes and curtains

Curtain window treatments can be applied any application or blind that you install on your window, using either a roller blind, roman blind, venetian or curtain, this is still classed as curtain window treatments. The main function of any blind or curtain that you put on your windows is that it should always be practical and functional, the main purpose of any curtain window treatment is ensure the warmth is kept inside during winter and the heat is kept outside during summer.

Home decor curtains are a great and inexpensive way of using a product that may be suitable for your window without having the added expense of having them professionally installed , measured or quoted on. When you go to your home decor curtains centre remember to take all your measurements with you, the width and the drop of the window.

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