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How to grow green curtains – 2 weeks to full growth

Is it possible to grow your own curtains ? Apparently it is possible, although the concept of doing this process is totally against everything we logically think about , we now have a company that is growing its own curtains to provide a reduction in heat loss during winter and also reducing the amount of radiant heat that comes thru its windows during the summer months.

how to grow your own green curtains

how to grow your own green curtains

How far can we take this concept ? Well if we are to believe the efficiency of this home grown curtain , the sky is the limit, pick a brand ,choose a height you want grow and off we go, how simple is this.

The japanese company based in Tokyo, Kyocera launched their self grown green curtain in 2007 and have extensive studies that have provided details that the temperature within the building with the green curtains is 15 degrees cooler during summer than the areas without the grown green curtains.

Also that added benefit is that if you choose a plant that produces a natural fruit then this can obviously be used in other areas of your business

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