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How to hang curtains in 10 easy steps

You will often hear a decorator or interior consultant comment on how well a curtain has been dressed, the is referring to the appearance of the drape or curtain and basically gets back to the original installation. If you are installing your own curtains follow these easy how to hang curtains tutorial. There is nothing worse than a drape installed incorrectly and not having enough time spent on the dressing of the drape.

How to hang curtains is primarily taught to acredited installers and it is definately an art that is achieved over many years of individual homes and many installations on various types of curtain windows.


1.  One of the most important starting points when learning how to hang curtains is  to ensure that you have a clear area to work in and a set of steps that allow you stand comfortably above the height of track or rod that you are installing on. This is often referred to by installers as their cribbing area – normally if space provides you require  1.5m either side of the window and 1.5m back into the room from the window.

2.   If you are installing on an existing rod or curtain track then it is equally important that you ensure that the rod is clear of dust and grime, its of no use putting new curtains on dirty rods or tracks, just wipe down the tracks with a little bit cleaning fluid and use a silicone spray on the back of the track or rod to allow it run smoothly

3. When you are learning how to hang curtains remember its not a race for the quickest to finish, take your time and use a methodical approach to everything you do.

4.  If you are hanging your new curtain on a curtain track make sure that you have the correct hooks, curtains tracks and curtain rods have totally different hooks. If it is curtain hook you will generally use a 2074 setting hook, this will allow the curtain to sit approximately 2cm’s above the track and will completely hide the curtain track when closed. If it is on a rod you will probably need a 2071 hook setting which allows the curtain to sit just below the top section of the ring. This keeps the rods fully exposed at all times.Another little trick when learning how to hang curtains.

5.   Many clients of mine are always intriqued and want to know how to hang curtains like an installer, as I said earlier this is basically an art that is built up over many years of experience, but these simple steps will allow you to have your new curtain looking nearly as good as a qualified installer.

6. If you have purchase ready-made curtains take the time to press and iron them, i usually allow 45 mins per set for ironing, this will help them hang alot nicer and straighter on your window , dont be in such a rush to put them up with out pressing or ironing them, this is one of the most important tips regarding how to hang curtains.

7. Now that you ready to hang the curtain , count how many hooks you have in your and make sure that you have the same amount of runners for your track or rings for your rods, this is very important as you dont want to stop , once you have started the hanging process.

8. You will see that many installers drape the curtain over their shoulders when hanging the curtain, this is to basically take the pressure off the hook when you put it into the track, so lay the curtains over your should that will be closest to the window and use your other hand to feed the drape onto your track or rod. Repeat for the other curtain, remembering this will be on the opposite shoulder.

9. Learning to how to hang curtains is an acquired form of perfection, once you have hung the curtains now push them back to each side of the window, starting from just below each pleat , use your 1st and 2nd fingers to run up and down the length of the curtain, repeat this for each step, this forces the curtain to trail down in a nice roll finish. You have basically begun the process of training the material to hang in a nice roll.

10. Thats it you have completed your first how to hang curtains tutorial, I also get many of my client to take a photo on day 1 of when the curtains have hung and then take another photo 4 weeks laters, you will be very surprised at the transformation from one photo to the next. Remember the longer a curtain or drape hangs the nicer it will look and will allow you to very quickly learn how to hang curtains

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