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How to install curtain rods

Installing curtain rods on your new or existing windows is not as scary as it sounds, we have all been put into this position at some point in time , where our partner has been out shopping at the ultimate sale where everything is half price or reduced to clear , or so cheap that they possibly couldnt go past that set of curtains as it would be saving us both money in the long term. The only catch with  these beautiful cheap , never to be repeated price  curtains,  is that they need to be installed. This is where your expertise comes in.

How to install curtain Rods

How to install curtains rods or curtain tracks is a fairly straight forward process as long as the rods to tracks have been supplied with all the materials that are required, generally the only problem you will encounter is if the curtain rod is missing brackets or end caps or similiar. Now we can all pretend that we are a qualified installer and this curtain rod will be installed just in time for the football to start or even better we can do it at half time, but through my experience as qualified installer , whenever i feel an installation is straightforward , something always rears its ugly head.

Now lay the track or rod in front of the window that it is going to be installed on , ensure that the width of the rod covers the width of the window, ideally it should extend past the window frame at least 3inches on each side, count all your brackets out and space them evenly on the ground in front of the window. When i am installing i always put one bracket on the very end of the architrave and space the others out evenly across the window. The main drop weight of any curtain is always at the end so it is really important to ensure you have brackets at these points.

Learning how to install curtain rods generally requires around 30minutes per rod , this includes the hanging of the curtain or sheer voile, a rule of thumb is to always remember, if your are installing a curtain rod or decorater rod these are generally installed just above the architrave dependant on the height of the curtain being used. If you are installing a curtain track this is normally installed directly onto the window frame.

Installing the curtain rod use 1inch screws , this will allow you to go thru the plaster sheeting and find the stud. use a mimimum of 2 screws into each bracket and preferably 3, the end brackets are installed firstly and then progressively install the intermediate brackets, most homes will have timber noggins behind the plaster sheeting so just tap or use one of those fancy stud finders and install the remaining brackets.

Now sit the rod on the brackets and ensure that you secure the rod to the bracket, this either done with a screw that has been supplied or alternatively you can drill a whole in one bracket and screw the bracket in to the rod. Put your end caps on  and hey presto , the second half of the match is just beginning, hang the curtains and you have just saved yourself a bundle by learing how to install curtain rods

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