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How to make old curtains new again

Making your old curtains new again is not such a daunting task, follow these easy steps and I will guarantee that you will transform your old outdated curtains into modern drapes that will enhance and compliment your home. Turn those old curtains into something new that will literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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Step 1 – Take down your existing curtains and remove all hooks or pins that have been  used to attach it to your curtain rod or tracks

Step 2 – Before you can alter any old curtain it is very important that you clean the curtain, leave the existing curtain in one piece and either wash it in the machine or hand wash in the bathtub. Now before washing unpick the bottom hem of the curtain to allow it shrink is necessary. This is very important as you want the curtain to lose any movement it may still have in the material.

Step 3 – Either drape the curtain on your outside clothes line or lay it flat in an area that it can air and dry for a few days.

Step 4 – Unpick or undo the top heading, trim and square the material so it is ready to have some new tapes attached, now measure the width of the curtain and go to your local habedashery or hardware store and purchase some deep pleat tape, this tape is the easiest to sew and will allow a professional look when finished. Allow a 1cm Frill at the top and then position your tape ready for sewing. This can either be machine or hand sewn. At this point it is also a good idea to consider putting new lining on your curtain, this will freshen the drape and will put some bulk back into the fabric. Generally lining is available in several widths which makes it easier to sew.

Step 5 – Before sewing new lining into the curtain make sure that you unpick the side seams of the main fabric and trim them off and re-sew, this will ensure that the new curtain has been fully restored on the side seams , heading and bottom hem.

Step 6 Now after you have completely re-made this curtain, take the time to fully press or iron and leave draping over a table or lounge for 2 days, this allows the material to form a shape naturally and will ensure that when the curtain is re-hung it will drape very nice from day one.

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