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How to make roller blinds – is it really possible ?

How to make your own roller blinds , is this really possible to make your own roller blinds at home and save hundreds and even thousand of dollars on furnishing your new or existing home. The answer simply is yes, let me show you an easy way of furnishing your home with roller blinds that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbours for a fraction of the cost of purchasing either on-line or direct from your nearest supplier


The very first item that you must consider when making your own roller blinds is what type of material should I use, there are basically 3 types of material that roller blinds are manufactured from, blockout roller blind material , translucent roller blind material and screen roller blind material. I have personally decorated 1000’s of homes over the past years and find that a combination of blockout and screen roller blinds always compliments each other and provides clean lines and image for your existing home or new home.

All roller blind material is a minimum width of 2400mm wide, and this enables us to work out our fabric requirements very easily, first off measure your existing window width x drop, for example if your window is 2100mm wide and 2100m drop , we already know the width of the material is 24000mm , so we can disregard our width measure and only concentrate on the drop measurment of 2100mm, now whatever height your window is add an extra 300mm, this is used to allow for hems and cover the roller blind tube that we will use.

So if our roller blind measurment is 2100mm x 2100mm we will need approximately 2400mm of material, so we now know that we require 2400mm of material for this window, repeat this process for the windows that need covering and add all the meterages up to give you a total requirement of material. You might be now saying “ok i know how much material I need but where do i purchase this from’. You will be surprised that your local fabricator of blind will sell you material at a greately reducedĀ  cost, also there are many material fabricators online that will now sell direct to the public at wholesale prices.

Once you have ordered your material you will now need to order the roller blind tubing and componentry, ie the chain drives and chain systems, you should basically type a work order with sizes of the tubes that you need and the length of chain that you require. A little trick when ordering your tubing that will save money is to order your tubing 30mm shorter than what you need , as when you add the brackets and chain drives system this will bring it back out to your required width.

Now here comes the easy part for creating your new roller blinds, if your window is 2100mm wide x 2100mm drop, cut the material 30mm less in the width and allow 300mm on the drop of the material. By doing this you have created a piece of material that is 2070mm wide by 2400mm drop, now on the top of the tube run some double side tape and repeat this on the top of the material. position material squarely on the tube and roll up so that you have at least 300mm showing at the bottom.

Again for your new roller blind use some double side tape on the bottom of the blind and turn it up 50mm, this forms the bottom hem, allow to settle for 24hours and assemble the chain drive unit and chain, install brackets on windows and hang blind, you have now created a brand new roller blind at half the price of a regular roller blind supplier

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