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How to make tab top curtains

Making tab top curtains can be a very straight forward process , follow these easy steps and you will have a new set of tab top curtains created in less than 2 hours. Most of these curtains are generally used in areas that are easily accessible to the window, they are always hung on a pole of some description , either wood or stainless steel dependant on your decor. The following formula will easily work out how much material you will need “Secret Fabric Formula”.

How to make tab top Curtains

Now measure from the top of your window down to the ground, you will need to add an extra 8 inches of material to each drop to allow for a nice double hemm, then allow another 4 inches for the top hemm. One very important detail to remember when learning how to make tab top curtains is to ensure that the top hemm  of the curtains is sitting at least 1inch above the top of your architrave, this prevents any light coming in through the tabs.

I will use the following example of being a standard window and we will work to these measurements , our window that we have measured is 7 feet wide and 7 feet in height, asexplained in the secret fabric formula we will have worked out that we need  2 curtains and each curtain will have 2 lengths of material sewn togeather, these are called your widths, so basically we have a curtain that  2 x 2w at 7 feet drop. Firstly create 2 curtains by sewing the 2 lengths togeather each length should be approximately 8ft, this allows for our hemms at top and bottom.

The golden rule when learning how to make tab top curtains is to measure twice cut once, now once we have each curtain sewn togeather , now complete the sewing of the hemms on the bottom and top and also a 2inch seam down the side of each curtain. We are now moving on to making and sewing the tabs , each of the curtains that you have made will require at least 8 tabs, these tabs will be spaced out approximately 6 inches on each curtains , this will prevent the tab top curtain from sagging in the middle.

Each tab is generally made around 3 inches wide and around 8 inches in length, cut out 16 tabs , side seam , and join, now attach evenly to the top of your tab top curtains that you have made and pin into place, ensuring that you have a tab on the very end of each curtains, this ensures that the curtain will remain straight on the corners. Once you have pinned them you can proceed and sew them in place. You will now have a fully completed set of curtains. Also remember that if you are using a heavier material than more tabs may be required and similiarly if you are using a voile or organza than less can be used as per our example on how to make tab top curtains

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