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How to use steel curtains

Steel curtains are primarily used in high commercial workplace areas, they are designed to protect people and products from being damaged generally when welding. These high tensile steel curtains are manufactured with one thing in mind – your protection. We all know the safety aspect of when we are welding but even to the most experienced welder – things happen.

Steel Curtains - Welding

Steel Curtains - Welding

The concept of steel curtains can be traced back to the early 1600’s when they were primarily being used to try and extinguish fires that had become to large, the would lay the steel curtains over the base of the fire and use this as a platform to flame the fire out from the top. Other devices were developed that were far more effective and practical.

When welding the steel curtains are normally placed around the area that is being utilised thus preventing any sparks from escaping and causing havoc to humans or property. When a steel curtains is produced it is always made using a threaded weave, this type of weave prevents warping and maintains stability within the metal.

Other extreme uses of steel curtains have been the inventor who decided to use on of these to cover his boat to keep moisture from entering the main funnel area, needless to say the first heavy swell the owner experienced the new steel curtains were sent overboard.

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