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Insulated Curtains – The ultimate thermal protection

How is it possible to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, easy use an insulated curtain to gain maximum protection from the sun during summer and retain all that warmth within winter months. Insulated curtains can be purchase or made a fraction of the cost of installing air conditioning or a heating system. Insulated curtains also provide an appealing look to your windows.

Insulated Curtains - 100% Blackout

Insulated Curtains - 100% Blackout

Many manufacturers now provide manychoices in curtain materials with over 60% of these now being classified at insulated curtains material, there are 2 distinct types of material used for insulated curtains. The first one is a material that has a coated that is adhered to the material during the baking process or you can use a curtain material that then has a separate 100% blockout lining sewn in behind it , thus providing an added  bonus of bulk on the window. Refer to our How to make pinch pleat drapes in 10 easy steps

Current soft furnishing industry statistics indicate that if you provide efficient window coverings to your home, you have the opportunity of reducing your heating and cooling costs by upto 40%. This is mainly achievable due to the fact that the insulated curtains absorb and reflect most of the head during summer. During the colder months it prevents heat loss through the windows.

Insulated curtains can be purchased as a ready to hang curtain or they can be made up as custom made drape, because of the style of the material you even have the choice of making your own curtains using our “how to make curtains – includes secret material formula”. This will show the process required to make your own insulated curtain at home. Remember to always measure twice and cut once, this is so applicable to curtain fabrics.

When deciding what type of curtain to install on  your window make sure that the colour and texture of the material suits the remaining decor in your home, insulated curtains provide the added benefit of also reducing the build up condensation on certain areas and windows, most materials are either hand washable or dry cleanable. This is very important when choosing your insulated curtains.

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